SIME innovation day 2008

Yesterday was SIME innovation day, around 200 people from around 100 startups, Telenor, Ericsson and Google among others.


Congratz to Result who hosted the event, the format was tabletalks which happens to be my favourite since I don’t have to feel guilty about not attending the presentations. It was just as chaotic as it should be when you put in 200 ppl at around 20 tables and move them around in 60 min intervals :).


The event was hosted (and sponsored) together with Google, Ericsson and Telenor. The company that impressed with great presentations, great people and great products was Google. With that said its nice to see that a company such as Telenor at least tries to work in a more modern way with eg its service mobilstart, must be though driving such a project in such a large organization. Maybe it will become cool in a later iteration.


Some interesting companies from the event:

Agent Interactive – Onlinemarketing focus affiliatemarketing/SEM

Cellity – Tune your phone

Extransit – Mobile application framework

Fat Statement – Web 2 print company making funny films

JALBUM – Set your pictures free

JAYCUT – Online video editing

Stereoscape – 3D film production

Townkings represented by Supreme new media

XCERIONInternet operating system


Other blogs writing more in detail about the event I guess / hope:

BisonBlog, Disruptive, Innovationsbloggen, Mindpark, Whatsnext

This was a though three days in Stockholm, today finishing up prios with PeoplePath and then going home to Berlin in the evening … hopefully managing to write some followup mails during the weekend.

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