Stuff happening during the summer

Summertime, especially July, means that things start going a bit slowly in the online and e-commerce world. Some fun stuff happening/found lately though:

Betreut: Steffen continues to kill in the baby sitting area, now extending to all kinds of services such as dog sitting (tierbetreuung). More lame Swedish version would be Grannar (supported by lots of old media but still doesn’t manage to push through).

DTG: Swedish Direct to Garment king Peter got into a pretty nasty accident a few months ago, when you run a business this is the kind of thing you are always scared to death about, hope it didn’t hurt Peters business to much and I’m sure we’re gonna see more DTG shirts around the stores in Sweden soon :).

Inredning: Dan, aka throwing up 2 sites a day maniac, just realesed his new shop Inredning. Needs more new unique products but I’m sure its gonna find its focus in the coming months grossing millions a month in a year ;).

OnlinePizza: There’s been a lot of talk about Pizza lately, looking at the German these guys are on to something good. What I love about the Swedish service is that you also pay online!

Rumplo: Just an absolutely great T-Shirt shopping portal, be sure to check out one of its sponsors, LaFraise.

Zappos: Nothing new I’m just wondering why ppl start talking about it so much right now, Zappos been around for looooong, maybe the CEOs appreance in US show The Apprentice could have something todo with it.

Also have a look at ArcticStartup, now with Paula as a writer the Swedish focus has exploded the last two months. Especially read this post about Spotify (also commented by Carl Bildt Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs) and Soundcloud :).

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