Hello 2012

Hello 2012, its true what your elderly always said, the time seems to pass somewhat faster when you get older. What might happen in 2012 … maybe:

I think a strong redefinition of the EU, especially I think German power over other (euro) member states will either strongly increase or decrease. Current state is a little “worst of both worlds”.

Saab automobiles will survive as a brand I think but with a very limited inhouse production workforce left in Sweden, might be tech development will stay and even increase though. Swedish Automobile engineers are very good and has comparatively some of the lowest salaries in the civilized world with a great eco system around them so it would be strange if someone is not interested in this.

Development and use of mobile e-com/shopping experiences will become mainstream.

The consolidation of e-commerce will become even stronger Europe wide, with maybe the exception of small periphery countries. I don’t think you want to be a small to medium sized e-com reseller in the coming years without own product development.

More acceptance for virtualization both in workforce, software and physical processes among especially medium businesses (I think large and funnily small business are further ahead here).

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