Webgility Quickbooks Magento Integration

I’ve learned long time ago not to judge a supplier specifically on how their product is performing while everything is going well, but that really great suppliers show themselves when there’s a hickup along the road.

Webgility yesterday proved to be such a company with their middleware software for Quickbooks Magento integration. Long story short, I’ve changed my computer, upgraded from quickbooks 2009 to 2010 and migrated the Ecc database. Well something about the import was then not working because Quickbooks (who has about 2 billion variables that sometime change when they update their software) had implemented a new template that the Webgility people did not yet had time to take into account for their Ecc software.

After some working around with their support they assigned a developer to try to solve the issue who spent FIVE HOURS helping us out via remote desktop.

Everything is now working and I can say that Webgility is not just a company delivering a great software out of the box which is constantly improved but also take that extra step in helping out their customers when problems arise.


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