Piratpartiet / The Swedish Piracy party gets over 7% of Swedish votes

The Swedish Piracy Party recieved over seven percent of the Swedish votes, SEVEN percent.

Now to a funny quote from an established politician in Sweden:

”Men samtidigt är det ett fattigdomsbevis ur demokratiskt synpunkt att ett parti som har en agenda som inrymmer en promille av det politiska spektrat kan få en sån valframgång”, sade Göran Hägglund.

”At the same time its a sign of weak democrazy when a parti who has an agenda spanning one per mille of the political spectra can gain such success” – Göran Hägglund *Free translation*

Well … seven percent of the Swedish population thinks differently, they apparently do not matter but are lost stupid “sheep” to be worried about private companies legislating Swedish laws that interfere with our freedom of speach.

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  • http://lambi.wordpress.com Jenny

    Also, they are funded by racist organizations :).