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Small iterations … Small iterations …

Small iterations is sort of how I believe in doing everything; from marketing, development, projects to life in general. Small iterations makes it possible to quickly change directions, estimate and re-estimate risks depending on how the world changes (or depending on how you re-estimate how you thought the world is working) and it makes it […]

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We need a developer

If anyone missed it PeoplePath needs a developer, we sofar have one candidate that we might go for but of course we want more options (plus knowing of possible extra resources for other projects is never wrong), if anyone is casually interested, skype me, nick “palmstedt” or email me something you have done and are proud […]

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First impressions of 2.0 C# using Visual Studio

Since there’s a risk I will start a new project in a few weeks that requires me to work with 2.0 C# for around 20h per week I took a quick look on the framework. Number one impression is that it feels like using Visual Studio is almost like cheating a bit :). The […]

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