Teach yourself Java in 21 Minutes

Needed to quickly get an overview of Java, found this great quick no fuzz resource from Patrik Persson: http://fileadmin.cs.lth.se/cs/Education/EDA040/common/java21.pdf

Assumes you already know another OO language of course.

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The complainers

Found a pretty funny concept: http://www.der-beschwerer.de/ (loosely translated to the complainers dot com). The site is basically about people who send in complaints and get some kind of “treat” or gift as apology (which is quite common and standardized at many larger companies).

These treats are apparently often pretty valuable so this site encourages people to report when they got a treat and tell what to do to get them (what to complain about that is).

Funny :-)

the complainers


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Hello 2012

Hello 2012, its true what your elderly always said, the time seems to pass somewhat faster when you get older. What might happen in 2012 … maybe:

I think a strong redefinition of the EU, especially I think German power over other (euro) member states will either strongly increase or decrease. Current state is a little “worst of both worlds”.

Saab automobiles will survive as a brand I think but with a very limited inhouse production workforce left in Sweden, might be tech development will stay and even increase though. Swedish Automobile engineers are very good and has comparatively some of the lowest salaries in the civilized world with a great eco system around them so it would be strange if someone is not interested in this.

Development and use of mobile e-com/shopping experiences will become mainstream.

The consolidation of e-commerce will become even stronger Europe wide, with maybe the exception of small periphery countries. I don’t think you want to be a small to medium sized e-com reseller in the coming years without own product development.

More acceptance for virtualization both in workforce, software and physical processes among especially medium businesses (I think large and funnily small business are further ahead here).

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Google Trusted Stores

I alwayz felt the certifications for e-commerce stores didn’t really give me as a store owner anything of an edge, Google Trusted Stores seems to be somewhat of another cookie though and I can really see myself prefering to shop from stores giving away this kind of data: http://www.google.com/trustedstores/



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Amazon.de down …

… even giants blunder, Amazon down for considerable time during regular business hours!

Amazon.de down

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In aug 2007 I started pushing the first ads on facebook, the results where amazing (even though the service was barely working) for truly all products I tested. Now FB ads is a minor part of paid ads for companies that actually also have to make sales from them due to saturation however Facebook has evolved as a marketing tool in other ways since then.

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Evernote cute video

I’m total fan of:

Cool scanning apps

Companies with cute animals in logo

Apps that are cross platform

Having looked for ages for a DMS, Evernote is the one that fit my need most closely (you never do find that perfect app do you) with regard to sharing, simplicity and … playfulness.


Not revolutionary but funny nevertheless, dropbox just didn’t quite cut it anymore for these kind of files.

Above being a product of the fact that its starting to take ages between paper post arriving and me actually getting to see it for the first time (which can be dangerous when you live in germany). Now just need to find a EU service like shoeboxed.

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Spring / Summer coming to Berlin

The city woke up today with well over 20 degrees celcius, I think last year we still had some snow at this time :-)

Berlin042011 02Berlin042011 01

Maybach/Paul-linkeufer above, Legiendamm below :-)

Berlin042011 03Berlin042011 04

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New Triforce Pendant

Looking to develop and design a lot of new products that are not t-shirts in the next year. Here a new version of our Nepal Triforce Pendant:

Triforce pendant

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TechCrunch awards Flattr Best New Startup of 2010


  • Has real users
  • Makes real money
  • Has a real vision
  • Is NOT a copycat (but kicks ass in Germany nevertheless)
  • Is made in Malmö by some really nice ppl.

The TC story

TechCrunch awards Flattr Best New Startup of 2010

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